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“appFiles is all about people. Our philosophy is rooted in relationships with priority on human-to-human connection with each other and with our clients.”
David Reed

Our Mission

We’ve been on a mission to make life easier for real estate brokerages from the very beginning. We want to help small and medium businesses and their teams be more effective with their time. Despite being a technology company, our priority is human-to-human connection. Our core values are…

Authenticity ………….Relationships ………….Commitment

Core Values



Our word is our word – We are here to help and not just sell you software. We’re consultants with a technology platform that’s going to help solve day-to-day difficulties. We work with people who share our values. Consistency is key too. We’re not going anywhere and we are who we say we are.


Building and maintaining relationships within our company and with our clients is at our core. We have a servant's heart and an inherent desire to help others. It is of the utmost importance that our employees and clients alike witness us in service.


Our clients represent our company’s greatest asset. We seek to establish a long term partnership with each and every one of them. Our ability to listen is one of our strengths and we stop at nothing to make our clients happy. We have a reputation for taking all matters personally and treating each client’s problems as if they were our very own.



Friendly Office

Fun and inclusive environment.


Your Team is...

Curious, creative, diverse—driven to find purpose in our work. Anchored by the joy we get from serving each other.



As we expand, you’ll have opportunities to grow your career in a multitude of ways.



On-staff Investment Advisor to help you manage your retirement program.


Flexible Leave

Family is important! We get it. We support you as you support us.


Make an Impact

On a daily basis, we work with Brokers and Realtors to notably impact their lives and the lives of their clients.

"I have the unique perspective of being one of the original 3 Brokers to ever start using appFiles. After seeing what the platform was capable of and getting to know the family behind it, I just knew I had to be a part of it. 10 years later...I still wake up every day excited to pursue my passions of Education, Real Estate, and Technology."

John Kern

Passionately Serving Since 2011

"When I started working for appFiles, I found a family and a group of friends that I enjoy seeing every day. Knowing that we will be there for each other makes working at appFiles a fun place to be. The TEAM as a whole has a great balance of fun and professionalism that you will not find anywhere else."

Lisa Heath

Passionately Serving Since 2014

"My best friend introduced me to appFiles and I knew right then, there was no looking back. I wanted to be a part of something bigger, while still allowing me to be me. After meeting the family behind appFiles and learning about the beliefs that built the company, I fell in love and wanted to be part of the Team. Knowing that I am part of a company that not only cares about me but cares about what I care about is an amazing feeling. I am blessed each and every day to have the chance to do what I love with an amazing group of people."

Kevin Cotter

Passionately Serving Since 2015

"I was first introduced to appFiles as a customer and thought it was an amazing product that I could believe in and support. When there was an opening, I applied for the position and was greeted by a family environment that not only cared about me as a person but also my family, my goals, and my struggles. Over the years, we have grown from being coworkers to friends and family. We take care of each other and push each other to grow personally and professionally."

Amie Bowman

Passionately Serving Since 2015

Curious Yet?

We’re not a typical company. And that’s by design. We call our community of employees, customers, and partners a one-of-a-kind family. Our family reaches across roles, companies, and industries to help one another learn, grow, and succeed. We’re serious when it comes to driving customer success and creating positive change in people's lives... but we have an awful lot of fun together as we do it!

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